MWO founder George Ellery Hale atop Mt. Wilson, 1904 Huntington Library


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100-inch Observing

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Contact Information

Contact Information
Scientific Access to Telescopes is available to qualified scientists. For information regarding use of the 100-inch telescope, contact the Acting Executive Director (see below).

Public viewing through the 60-inch Telescope is available to individuals and groups. Fee and scheduling information is available here.

Requests for historic images taken at the Observatory should be directed to Dr. Dan Lewis of the Huntington Library.

Film shoot access to Observatory facilities is available for appropriate production companies. See our terms and guidelines for details and contact information.

Additional Contacts:

Excecutive Director

Mr. Thomas Meneghini
Voice: 626-304-0269

Regular Mail:
Mount Wilson Institute
P.O. Box 94146
Pasadena, CA 91109

MWI c/o Carnegie Observatories
813 Santa Barbara Street
Pasadena, CA 91101-1232

MWI Mountain Operations Office
Mr. Craig Woods
Voice: 626-440-9016
Fax: 626-405-9814

Mount Wilson Institute Trustees and Officers

Board of Trustees:
Mr. Samuel D. Hale, Chairman & CEO - Century Management
Ms. Linda Van Winkle Deacon - Attorney at Law
Mr. C. Robert Ferguson, Secretary - Attorney at Law
Mr. Scott Hood - First Wilshire Securities
Mr. Michael H. Horner - Tom Sawyer Camps
Mr. Dan Kohne - Media & Public Relations
Mr. Mike McIntyre - US Forest Service, Retired
Dr. Josh Simon - The Carnegie Observatories
Mr. Timothy Thompson - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Retired
Mr. Larry S. Webster - Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy

Emeritus Trustees
Mr. Hugh Downs - ABC News, Retired
Mr. Eugene N. Parker - University of Chicago

Mr. Samuel D. Hale - Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Thomas Meneghini - Executive Director
Mr. Donald Nicholson - Associate Deputy Director for Public Affairs

Mr. Craig Woods - Superintendent
Ms. Magdalena Moran - Assistant Superintendent